My fascination in drawing, painting, and colours is indescribable: I was seven years old. I used to save every single penny of my allowance from my father and my mother, and all what I used to get of money on different occasions from the rest of the family to buy tubes of oil paints of different colours till I complete the set of colours I like. I used to keep the tubes of oil paint in a small and portable wooden box fitted with a padlock which was given to me by my aunt , and most of the time, before I went to sleep, I used to check the treasure of colours I had counting the tubes and planning to buy what I needed next time I had the chance to save money.

For more than twenty years and up to date, I have been guarding with high respect professionalism in my drawings and paintings. I spent all of these years doing what I know best, and I did not do anything else. The versatility in my work and paintings passed through many different styles and technicalities of which I tried to bring to a high level of perfection every single aspect I dealt with as much as I could. I am always on the move discovering something artistically new and impressive; something significant with an eye-opening impact on the human psyche; something that does not let monotony and rote repetition take hold of my soul and the flow of my thoughts.

To all who wish to think, to all who desire to dream and live through the sunset beneath the crest of a rolling ocean wave, and to all who search for happiness and spring after winter, to all who can not express their thoughts and their anger, to all sensible, delicate persons, I dedicate my art, So diverse, from one moment to another in continuity.

This insatiable and agonizing feeling of unexpressed great potential inside of me is not fulfilled by the versatility in my work. I often feel that it needs to explode and express itself in different domains such as, music or acting. I love music, piano and violin playing, and I hope I would be able to study them in the near future. But I also like acting: dramatic or comedic; but, most probably, I might succeed in dramatic acting simply because I feel that my life is a long dramatic story! It is easy for one to be haughty, vainglorious and pretentious, but to be humble needs deep understanding to the universal truth in the conscience of the universe. I like to see the faces of people wearing no masks: I do not wear one.


Selected Solo Exhibitions Awards
2010: Galerie Espace d Arte-Tripoli-Lebanon 2010: Selected in Art Kudos international Art competition
2009: Nes Kulturhus Norway-(Anatomy of Nature Series) 2010: NDU Lebanese Diaspora International competition Notre Dame University-Beirut
2004 & 2005: American Art Carmel , California 2009: Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)
2003: La chimera ( Metropolitan International Art) Lecce, Italy 2008: Selected in Art Kudos International Art competitions from series ( Anatomy of Nature)
2002: Galleria Modigliani , Milan Italy 2007: 2 Premio International Arte Laguna Museo Santa Caterina) Treviso Italy
1999: Teatro Guglielmi, Massa Carrara Italy 2003: 1 Premio international (Art e Societa) Caltaniseta Sicilia
1998: Stamperia della Bezuga,Florence Italy 2003: Premio Italia 2003 Florence Certosa
1997: Gegenuber Badischer Bahnhof, Basel, Switzerland 1994: Centro Internazionale Giorgio la pira, Florence Italy